In 2010 the world media have truly destroyed a big part of my life. It have open my eye for the rest of my life. that they see Michael Jackson as something they thing they know. but they dint not, They only sow wat they he Michael wantit theam to see just like he did to me, and this 3 uther childeren and the woreld. and He was a Master in that. We can call it a lies or Illusionis. wat ever it was that what he wontit us to see.

They can write about me what they want, I can’t dived myself against it people will always took good or bad about Michael Jackson and about me it something I have to learn to life with. But the pries the media made me pay.

They have brand me a crazy for life on the internet just like they have burn down Michael Jackson life and still in his dead he as a decedent man they still try to burn everything good thing that was good about him. and He ever was as a human been and the Artist the king of Pop the Illusionist. I hope god or something in this world will help me true people to never lost the hope in the good in this world. And understand that I, am more than just same one DNA between 2 people that it shut not Mather for the world who are my parents or not, it madders for me to know the true because it about my Life I have saver more then people will ever know me. And still I kept my love for the world.

If Michael Jackson have been my hero because I made him my Illusionist dad then he save me, and made me the best loving person I can be in this world for my family, my friend, people I love. So I, am grateful that wat I have became, and wat I wane do with my life and that bigger that only to be the DNA doter of 2 people in this world I, am happy with me. The way I look. The way I see life. And the most of all, that my children Love me for meI,am Loved by people so I know I,am not alone.