My Name is Mocienne Petit Jackson. In 2010 people have tried to put me in the corner when the world media wrote about me. I was asking the court for a DNA test with Michael Jackson to make me look incredible. This unfortunately includes Barbara Jean Ross telling the press what she want. Probably she is worried about the social response if the truth were to come out if Michael Jackson is my dad, including that my father was almost but not yet 18 when I was conceived. Her DNA would prove the other half of my case . Does not every child have the fundamental right to know his or her parents, as far as this is within the possibilities? I am entitled to know. If all those who say that my story is made up are right, what do they have to lose? So many details, so many coincidences, so many memories, proof of my identity having been modified. If I were to be wrong, which I am not, they run no risk at all. I would be a fool to insist on a test which would prove me wrong allude so if I, am wrong at list I know the true by a DNA test